Chebren Monastery - Self-Guided Walking tour

The monastery Chebren is built over the foundations of the same-called ancient city, and today it is known by the dam which is predicted to be built on that place. The walk to this monastery is a wonderful possibility to acknowledge some of the rich cultural and natural heritage in the region of Mariovo.

  • Location: Chebren Monastery, Mariovo

  • Type of tour: Self-guided Hiking Tour (Sightseeing cultural tour)

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Travel Distance: ~ 9.8 km (6 mi)

  • Duration: ~ 4-5 hours

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Zovikj, Mariovo
Zovich village – Mariovo It is supposed that the village Zovich has existed on this place since the XVI-XVII century. Before that, the village was situated some 500-600 metres further, on a locality called Lenishte. That village had been burned …
Church Saint Nicholas village Zovikj XIX century
Church Saint Nicholas village Zovikj XIX century The church St. Nicholas in village Zovikj was built in 1862 with the effort made by the local people, as a single-nave church with rectangular base, built of chopped stone and limestone mortar …
Church Saint Athanasius village Zovikj XVII century
Church Saint Athanasius village Zovikj XVII century The church St. Athanasius in the vicinity of Zovikj is a small single-nave building made of stone and limestone mortar, nowadays covered with red-tiles roof. Listen to Audio Map According to its …
Marta, Zovich
“Marta” archeological locality – village Zovikj In the archeology, the iron age refers to the appearance of the metallurgy, and the appearance of the iron corresponds with other changes in some cultures from the past, often with more sophisticated agricultural …
Chebren Monastery - Mariovo
Chebren – Monastery complex The settlement or the city of Chebren existed in the period of the Roman occupation, as well, during the reign of the Macedonian Empire, which is proven by the findings of the coins of Ancient Macedonia …
Church Ascension of Christ XV –XVI century
Church Ascension of Christ XV –XVI century The church Holy Ascension is in the vicinity of the Chebren monastery, out of the last, third defensive wall of the medieval city of Chebren. That is a small single-nave church with dimensions …
St. Demetrius church, XIV century
St. Demetrius church, XIV century The current church in the past was situated in the middle of the settlement where a church had been built – a basilica in the early Byzantium (V-VI century). The preserved foundations as well as …
Crna River
Crna River (Black River) Crna River with the length of 207 km is the biggest right tributary of Vardar. It springs up from the spring called Black Hole nearby the village Zheleznec, on an altitude of 760 meters. From the …



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