“Mariovo – self-guided tours”

Promotional tours within the project Rural Adventure through the Mariovo region, part of the Municipality of Novaci.



08:45 – Departure from Novaci village, towards Mariovo region –  (Location: Municipality building) (Open map on Google…)

09:45-10.15 – Visit of the monastery St. Athanasius near village Staravina (Open the route on Google Maps…)

 10:30 – Arrival at Gradeshnica village (Open the route on Google Maps…), where the visitors will be divided in two groups/tours

10:30-12:30 – Group 1 – Biking tour – The story of Kalesh Angja and “Peshta” Fortress (approx. 2 hours) (Link to download the tour from izi.Travel…)

10:30-12:30 – Group 2 –  Walking tour – Gradeshnica village Mariovo (approx. 2 hours) (Link to download the tour from izi.Travel…)

13:00 – Visit of Zovich village (Open the route on Google Maps…) and the Movie bridge on Gradeshka River

13:30 Lunch at the Ethno house “At the Bridge”

16:00 – End of program

Transport and Road info

  • Gradeshnica village is 52 km away from Bitola. The road is asphalted, but on some sections narrow with reduced visibility due to the dense vegetation.
  • Special care is recommended while driving.
  • There are low branches on some places, which you must keep in mind if you are transporting bicycles.
  • Total length of the route – departure and return to Bitola  is 112 km. There are no gas stations in Mariovo.

Food and diary

Lunch will be provided by the organizer at the etno house “At the Bridge” in Zovich village

Weather forecast

The latest information about the weather forecast can be found at the following link…

Safety recommendations

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