Stone Bridge village Zovich, Mariovo

Built of chopped stone blocks, the Stone bridge in the village Zovich is a recognizable symbol in the region of Mariovo. On this place, there was a wooden bridge which broke from the loaded carriage of one local peasant – Velko Trajkovski, who wanted to take his wagon across the bridge.


Stone Bridge village Zovikj

Velko together with his wagon and the oxen fell into the river, and despite the serious injuries in his spine, he survived and with a certain amount of disability, died at an old age.

On the spot of the destroyed wooden bridge, the village decided to build a stone bridge so as to insecure a stable link in the village with the properties that were to be found on the other side of the river. The stone bridge was built in 1955/6, and the builder was a man from the village Labunishta, Struga, known as Dzuladin who, together with his workers built the bridge. Every house had a task to take care and provide food for the workers on a certain period.

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The bridge became famous for the films that Milco Manchevski, the most popular film director in Macedonia, shot on this location and that is when the bridge got the nickname “Film bridge”. In 2014, through a project financed by the European Union, the bridge is renewed and gains its present look.

Right above the Stone bridge, there is a high rock with a fresco-painting of St. George, who dates from 1925. In the central part of the fresco-painting, there is a representation of St. George on a white horse with a red cape as he kills the dragon. The fresco-painting was restored in 2006.

Stone Bridge village Zovikj