Safety recommendations:

We would like to advise you to carefully read and respect the safety recommendations before starting your journey.

  • Provided you are allergic or you need some medicine, bear in mind that Bitola is the closest urban center. There are no pharmacies, ambulance or other medical facilities in the villages.
  • Children under 18 have to be accompanied by a parent or a foster parent.
  • Provided you take a walk somewhere out of the settlements, it is advisable for you to be accompanied by a tour guide or to inform some of the locals for your planned track of movement and a suggestion for the locations which can be visited.
  • When visiting the churches, if you light candles, it is obligatory for you to wait until they burn or you put them out before leaving the place to prevent fire damage.
  • It is recommended to carry drinking water with you or to drink water only from safe water source. The water from the village waterworks is not tested.
  • The hiking is planned within the local village and forest pathways which are used by the locals for different purposes. Although the frequency of these pathways is extremely small, it is advisable for you to be cautious since some cattle, game animals or other species could appear on the roads.

Recommended equipment:

  • Proper clothes and footwear for nature walks.
  • UV filter sunglasses
  • Sunscreen (recommendable over SPF 30)
  • Insect repellant and allergy medicine

Protection of the environment

Any kind of environmental harm is highly forbidden and punishable by law.
We kindly ask you to show a responsible behavior during your visit, and not to throw any stubs or other flammable things.

Important phone numbers and contacts:

*On certain locations there is no phone signal.

  • Police: 192
  • Fire brigade: 193
  • A&E: 194
  • Entry number for North Macedonia: 00389
  • AMSM road help: 987
  • Information: 188

Association Off Road Macedonia

Municipality of Novaci