Church Saint Nicholas village Budimirci XIX century

The church in the village Budimirci is dedicated to one of the most respected saints – Saint Nicholas. The church is single-nave with rectangular base, built of chopped stone and limestone mortar, plastered and painted.


Church Saint Nicholas village Budimirci XIX century

On the east, there is a semicircular apsis which from the outer side is separated with blind arcades and half-pillars.

One can enter the church from the west and south. Above the two entrances, there are semicircular alcoves which are plastered and fresco-painted. The western alcove is painted with a representation of St. Nicholas until the waist, and on the south St. Paraskeva of the Balkans.

Some researchers believe that the older church was dedicated to St. Paraskeva. On the south and west façade of the church, there are open entrances. The church was heavily damaged during the First World War and has since then been renovated many times. The frescos, the iconostasis and the fresco-painting are elaborated in nearly the same period. At one of the frescos, there is a year 1885, just as the initials of the fresco painter D.A.Z. Dimitrie Andonov Zograf who comes from the village Magarevo in Bitola, and he is responsible for the decoration of many rebirth churches.

The fresco-painting in the church is protected in its primal condition, meaning since 1888. The signatures over the scenes are written in Slavonic language. Due to the spaciousness in the church, there is an order of the fresco-paining performed in a classical way, typical for the period of the XIX century.