Mountain Biking Tour Through the Villages Budimirci, Gradeshnica and Staravina

The round cycling tour which starts in the vicinity of village Staravina, enables you to self-experience that part of the region of Mariovo. This easy cycling tour is warmly recommended for people who enjoy the relaxing walks through nature accompanied by the opportunity to visit interesting locations.

  • Location: Villages Budimirci, Gradeshnica and Staravina, Novaci Municipality

  • Type of tour: Self-guided Mountain Biking Tour (Sightseeing cultural tour)

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Travel Distance: 24.5 km (15.15 mi)

  • Duration: ~ 3-4 hours

  • The route of this tour is also suitable for 4x4 vehicles

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Gradeshnica village - Mariovo
Gradeshnica Village – Mariovo Gradeshnica is a hill village in the valley of Gradeshka River, on 850 metres altitude. No one knows when exactly the village had originated, but according to some archeological findings, there has been a continuity of …
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Church Saint Demetrius in village Gradeshnica XIV - XV century
Church Saint Demetrius in village Gradeshnica XIV – XV century The church St. Demetrius in the village Gradeshnica is a type of a single-nave building with a rectangular base. It is built of chopped and semi-chopped stone which was also …
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Monument “Victory - 100 years later”
Monument “Victory – 100 years later”, Gradeshnica village The monument “Victory – 100 years later” is a donation by the artist and sculptor Zlatko Bojkovski, and it is dedicated to all the victims of the First World War. Listen to …
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Church Saint Nicholas village Gradeshnica XIX century
Church Saint Nicholas village Gradeshnica XIX century The church Saint Nicholas in village Gradeshnica according to its architecture and fresco painting is a typical sample of the nineteenth century, rebirth churches. It is built in the center of the village …
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Monastery St. Elijah – Bren, village Gradeshnica
Monastery St. Elijah – Bren, village Gradeshnica The monastery St. Elijah in the place Bren nearby village Gradeshnica is famous for its cold water from the Bren spring, which, according to the legend, with the help of a special underwater …
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Peshta Fortress, Mariovo
Peshta Fortress, Mariovo Peshta is a hill between the villages Gradeshnica and Staravina. The earliest archaeological remains on this place come from Roman times, and because of the exceptionally convenient strategic position, it is possible that it had been used …
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Staravina Village, Mariovo
Staravina Village, Mariovo In 1953, there were 741 people in the village Staravina and it was an administrative centre in the “Bitola” part from Mariovo. Listen to Audio Map In the village, there were military barracks, police station, post …
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St. Athanasius Monastery, Staravina
Monastery St. Athanasius village Staravina The Monastery St. Athanasius is located in a place called Staravinski height, at 1040 metres altitude near the village Staravina. Listen to Audio Map +389 75 237 778 Facebook … The Old temple …
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Church St. Mary, village Staravina
Church St. Mary, village Staravina The church Dormition of the Mother of God in the village of Staravina is a characteristic example of a building from the rebirth period, when there is an enforced activity for renovation of the churches …
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Budimirci Village - Mariovo
Budimirci Village – Mariovo According to the legend, the village Budimirci in the past was stretched on two popular locations known as Lower and Upper Budimirci. Listen to Audio Map The population there dealt with animal husbandry andthe cattleoften …
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Church Saint Nicholas village Budimirci XIX century
Church Saint Nicholas village Budimirci XIX century The church in the village Budimirci is dedicated to one of the most respected saints – Saint Nicholas. The church is single-nave with rectangular base, built of chopped stone and limestone mortar, plastered …
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