Church Saint Nicholas village Zovikj XIX century

The church St. Nicholas in village Zovikj was built in 1862 with the effort made by the local people, as a single-nave church with rectangular base, built of chopped stone and limestone mortar with semicircular apsis on the east and the entrances on the west and south.


Over the same entrances in the semicircular alcove the representations of the saint Nicholas and saint Nedela waist-painted. On the southern wall, there is an embedded plate with a writing where the year is mentioned (1862) as well as the founder of the church (the Pelagonia Archbishop Venedict).

Just as the other churches, this one as well suffered damages during the First World War. Due to that, in 1927 the church underwent some repairs as a result of the willingness of the locals. There is data for this, inserted in the facades of the church like landscape stone plates where the founders grandfather Bogdan Sekilovikj and Angele Angelevikj are represented. They came from the village Zovikj and were more eminent and wealthier people who financed most of the church’s renovation. To show gratitude towards them, there are some landscape stone plates made, where they are represented in folklore clothes. The church St. Nicholas is a masterpiece of the local builders and fresco painters.