Remains from the complex of Roman cottages in village Gradeshnica

With the archeological exploration in the region of Mariovo from 1990-1996, on the place of the today’s churches St. Andoniа, Holy Ascension of Jesus and St. George in village Gradeshnica, the existence of a complex of Roman cottages has been confirmed.


While building the objects in the II century, certain Roman architectural norms and standards were applied, and when building them they had used local materials. The cottages had residential character and they were connected to the formation of Peshta near the village. Of special interest are the indentations in the rock right next to the church Holy Ascension, which can be seen even today, and they were used for wine production.

Later in the early Christian period, the cottages were adjusted into spacious early Christian churches, which confirms the significance of the village Gradeshnica as one of the more important Christian centres in the region. The churches today are built over the foundations of those objects in the 70s of the XX century.